- Input

Thermocouple (12 types)

R.T.D. (Pt and JPt100 ohms 3-wire type)

Voltage +/-50mV, +/-500mV, +/-5V, +/-50V DC

Current 4-20mA, 10-50mA DC (Current input is achieved through attached shunt resistor to be purchased separately.)
- Display system

Fluorescent display (blue-green) 20 digits x 2 lines

SR106A 5 x 7 dot, height of character 4.16 mm width 2.25 mm

SR186A 5 x 7 dot, height of character 5.0 mm width 3.3 mm
- Recording system

Ink jet system (6 colors)
- Chart width

SR106A 100 mm

SR186A 180 mm
- Power supply

SR106A 85-150/150-300 V AC

SR186A 85-300V AC

High-speed, quiet 6-color recording and 6-color printing are achieved by ink jet technology.

Abundant measuring targets may be arbitrarily set thanks to the full multi-input function.

Abundant functions such as multi-points display, enlarged/reduced recording, auto-range switching, daily report, and integration of instantaneous value are equipped as standard.

Interface function or the like may be also chosen as optional

Catalogue PDF

SR106A_186A.pdf (500KB)