- Input

Thermocouple (12 types)

R.T.D. (Pt and JPt100 ohms) 3-wire type

DC voltage max. +/-50V DC

DC current 4-20mA DC (Current input is achieved through attached shunt resistor to be purchased separately.)
- Display system

LED (7 segment) 6 digits green
- Recording point

Selectable from 1 continuous, 2 continuous or 6 dot recording
- Recording/printing system

Ink jet system
- Chart width

Length of 100 mm recording paper (15.08 m)
- Chart speed

10-1500 mm/h
- Power supply

100-120/200-240V AC (50/60Hz)

Catalogue PDF

SR107.pdf (1.7MB)
The products will be specifically manufactured for input types, measuring range, industrial unit or the like according to your instructions given in your purchase order so that you may simply start recording without any troublesome initial setting required.