Mini Portable Data Loggers:

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HR Series - Stainless Steel Data Loggers

The HR Series of data loggers are housed in a rugged 20mm diameter 304 Stainless steel tube.

Download cable for HR Series = DLC3USB [USB] or DLC3 [RS232]


LCD Series - LCD display Data Loggers

The LCD Series of data loggers are the latest release in the TruTrack range. Readings are displayed on an LCD display.

Download cable for LCD Series = DLC8USB [USB] or DLC8 [RS232]


GP-MC - Multi Purpose Data Logger

The GP-MC is a high resolution (12 bit) multi purpose Data Logger with eight analogue and two digital pulse inputs.

It supports an additional 15 channels of input from remote sensors on an RS485 interface. It also provides a Start on Trigger input and two alarm outputs.

Download cable for GP-MC = DLC5USB [USB] or DLC5 [RS232] (Standard 2m DB9 Male/Female RS232 Serial Cable)

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Environmental Monitoring Systems are fully scalable, providing the flexibility of monitoring only the inputs needed for a given application. The systems use our popular and well tested general purpose data loggers (GP-HR or GP-MC), which means that inputs other than weather types can also be logged if required [E.g. 4~20mA or Voltage signal(s)]!


OmniLog - Software for Data Loggers

OmniLog is the software used to manage and operate all TruTrack Data Loggers.

OmniLog FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Cable connection

Logger Connection - Various Methods Available

TruTrack Data Loggers can be connected through several different methods to the computer running OmniLog.


Older Logger Models - Discontinued

Information on Older Data Logger Models no longer in production can be found here.