Software Installation:

Please select from the list below:

MicroScan SCADA Software Version 5.0 - 46.3MB - Nov 15, 2011

MicroScan, Intech Micro, History Viewer, Shimaden Lite, Remote DDE Server

Intech Micro 2100-NET (XPort® Configuration Software)- 1.9MB

Intech Micro Remote Station Software - 2.4MB - Jun 27, 2007

Note: 2100 Series configuration software (including 2100-A16).

IOStudio 2300 Series Modbus Configuration Software - (External Web site Link)

Please Note:The IOStudio Modbus Configuration Software is NOT required when using the 2300 series I/O stations with MicroScan V5 software.

XU Universal Input Transmitters + Z-2400-Sleeper Programming Software - 8.0MB - Nov 18, 2011

Shimaden Lite Controller Software - 10.2MB - Mar 22, 2012

Omni7 (Beta) Software for TruTrack Data Loggers - 20.0MB - Jun 29, 2012

Original OmniLog Software for TruTrack Data Loggers (External Web site Link)

Vinwizard Software for Viticulture Applications (External Web site Link)