Humidity & pH:

IN-HWD (rev 2)

IN-HWD (rev 2) - Replaces 2100-A4-HWD and older IN-HWD

Relative Humidity and Temperature Indicator/Transmitter with Independent Outputs.


WDT-DW - Wet & Dry Bulb Humidity Tank

Wall Mounted Wet & Dry Bulb Humidity Tank. Commonly used with the IN-HWD (rev 2).


LPN-H (rev 1) - Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

The LPN-H is a complete relative humidity and temperature sensing module, with two loop powered 4~20mA output signals, representing 0~100%RH and 0~100ºC (0~200ºF optional). Now features a Sensirion SHT25 Digital Humidity Sensor (rev 1)!

Available in both Wall and Duct mount models to suit your application.


LPI-pH - Isolating pH Voltage Input to 4~20mA Output Loop Powered Transmitter

The LPI-pH is the device to choose when a pH probe is installed in a corrosive, damp, high earth current or electrically noisy environment.


pH Probes List

pH and ORP Probes Available - Wedgewood Analytical.


OLD Humidity, pH, ORP & DO2 Products - Discontinued

Information on older Humidity, pH, ORP & D02 Products that are no longer in production can be found here.