LPN-DP - Differential Pressure Transmitter:

Product Specifications:

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The LPN-DP Series Differential Pressure Transmitters provide a very cost effective solution for pressure applications that require high accuracy over very low operating pressure ranges. The sensor is a solid state device and hence offers reliability and long life. The series is designed for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids such as air, dry gases and the like. (Fluids must generally be compatible with plastic, aluminium, RTV, Silicon and Glass.)

The LPN-DP can be used to measure bipolar differential, gauge pressure or vacuum.
The LPN-DP-3/15psi can be used as a P to I to measure industry standard 3/15psi pneumatic sensors. The LPN-DP-BAR can be used to measure atmospheric pressure from 900~1100mbar.

Ordering Information:

LPN-DP-100mm Differential Range within ±20 to ±125 mm W.G.
LPN-DP-250mm Differential Range within ±100 to ±250 mm W.G.
LPN-DP-1000mm Differential Range within ±250 to ±1000 mm W.G.
LPN-DP-100kPa Differential Range within ±40 to ±100kPa.
LPN-DP-BAR 900~1100mbar absolute.
LPN-DP-3/15psi 3 to 15psi input.


LPN-DP Specifications