Technical details on MicroScan V5 Operation (System Requirements):
MicroScan is a desktop application designed to run as a single user application in a single user account logged on 24x7.
It is not a service.

MicroScan V5 runs on:
Windows XP
Windows 7 (not all PLC interfaces compatible)
Windows Vista (Recommend 7 instead)

Note: Only use 32-bit Windows.

Hardware requirements are as required for Windows.
Must be clean installs and not upgrades from a previous version of Windows.

MicroScan will NOT run on:
Any version of Windows running in a Virtual Desktop (as USB devices are not supported).
Windows XP Mode running on Windows 7 Virtual PC.
Thin Clients (Remote Desktop Connection / Terminal Server).
Windows XP running as a single computer using Switch User.
Windows 2000 (Microsoft ended support in July, 2010).
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 3.1.

Installation Details:

MicroScan Auto start:
If MicroScan needs to be setup as "auto start", use the following settings:

Network Mode:
The Active and Passive can support loss of Server shared drive, will notify of error and attempt auto reconnect at set intervals.
Shared MicroScan’s are supported via networking mode, sharing data on a file server, each user has their own copy of MicroScan installed on a PC setup to look at the shared files. Networking is done via shared files only, not TCP/IP connections.

Download Now MicroScan Software Version 5.0 - 46.3MB - Nov 15, 2011 - (Bld 2633j)