Omni7 Installation Software - for TruTrack Data Loggers:

Technical details on Omni7 Operation (System Requirements):
Omni7 is a desktop application designed to run as a single user application in a single user account.
It is not a service.

Omni7 runs on:
Windows 7
Windows Vista (Recommend 7 instead)
Windows XP

Hardware requirements are as required for Windows.
Must be clean installs and not upgrades from a previous version of Windows.

Omni7 will NOT run on:
Any version of Windows running in a Virtual Desktop (as USB devices are not supported).
Windows XP Mode running on Windows 7 Virtual PC.
Thin Clients (Remote Desktop Connection / Terminal Server).
Windows XP running as a single computer using Switch User.
Windows 2000 (Microsoft ended support in July, 2010).
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 3.1.

Installation Details:

Operation Details:

Important: Omni7 is currently available in Beta and may contain bugs which cause the program to crash etc. Please be aware of this possibility and contact us should it occur, outlining what caused the crash etc.

Download Now Omni7 (Ver 7.2.106) - 22.2MB - June 14, 2013