PLC Accessories and Other Transmitters:

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IN-OID - Optical Isolator

Interface for the purpose of potential free matching and protection of on/off dc input process signals to on/off dc output signals.


TWN-FF and TWI-FF - PLC Input Transmitter

The TWN-FF and TWI-FF are designed as an interface between a Trimec DP490 Flow Transducer and a PLC.


TWN-FO and TWI-FO - PLC Input Transmitter

The TWI-FO and TWN-FO are designed as a low cost alternative to expensive A/D cards on PLC's, computers and data acquisition systems.


TW-FFA - Flow Pulse Amplifier

The TW-FFA Flow Amplifier was designed and manufactured specifically for use with flow transducers (or other ac/dc waveforms), to provide a stable and amplified output for further processing.