PSW-2 - Adjustable Output Voltage, 200mA Instrument Power Supply:

Product Specifications:

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The PSW-2 is an isolated switch mode power supply that can supply a wide range of DC output voltages, from 5V to 30V, up to 200mA continuously, and operates over a wide range of input voltages. Due to recent advancements in Switch Mode Power Supply technology, special techniques have been developed that make the PSW-2 both very low noise (typically less than 1mV) and high precision.

Both line and load regulation is better than 0.1% over all conditions (within specified ranges). These attributes make the PSW-2 better than most comparable linear power supplies, while adding features such as DC input and voltage step-up capability. Eg 12Vdc input can be stepped up to 24Vdc output (PSW-2-L version).


Ordering Information:

PSW-2-X Standard Unit: High Voltage Power Supply: 100~264Vac. Output Voltage: 24Vdc.

PSW-2 ordering table

Note 1. The PSW-2-X is field selectable for 'H' or 'M' Power supply.
Note 2. Power supply 'H' is field selectable for 'M', and 'M' for 'H'. Power supply 'L' must be ordered separately.