2100-A4 - Analogue Input Remote Station:

Product Specifications:

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The universal inputs plus outputs gives this station a lot of flexibility. I/O include 4 analogue inputs, 4 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs plus optional 2 analogue outputs.
Field programmable inputs include thermocouples, RTD, Pt100, mA, mV & V, thermister.

Each input can be individually programmed and ranged for any span via on Bd links. The analogue inputs on the 2100-A4 can be expanded up to 64 using the 2100-M input Multiplexers. Outputs include 4 relays for control or alarm, plus an option for 2 analogue outputs of 4~20mA or 0~10Vdc.

The 2100-A4 contains 4 in built on/off controllers or alarms. The controller/alarm setpoint (SV) and other parameters are downloaded from the user friendly MicroScan software, Mimic package, and held in permanent memory on the 2100-A4.

Other controller parameters include, output switching differential, auto/manual and manual settings of output. The 4 controllers/alarms on the 2100-A4 will operate unaffected by computer power downs or reboots etc.

Ordering Information:

2100-A4-X Standard Unit: 4 Analogue Inputs Pt100, -50~140C, 4 Digital Inputs, 2 Analogue Outputs 4~20mA. Clock/Reset Outputs, RS485 Comms, 85~264Vac/dc Power Supply.
2100-A4E-X Standard Unit: 4 Analogue Inputs Pt100, -50~140C, 4 Digital Inputs, 2 Analogue Outputs 4~20mA. Clock/Reset Outputs, 8 Relay Outputs, RS485 Comms, 85~264Vac/dc Power Supply.

2100-A4 ordering table
Note 1: The RS232 Comms. version comes complete with a RS232 kit, required for connecting the
2100-AO to a PC, etc. The kit contains: 1 x 5m RS232 cable; (2, 10 & 15m available.) 1 x 9pin D type (25pin D type available).
Note 2: The 2100-A4 is factory set to RS232 or RS422/485. The 2100-A4-X is field selectable for RS422 or RS485, and H or M power supply.
Note 3: The winery option is not fitted with the 2 Analogue Outputs, 4 Digital Inputs and Clock/Reset Outputs.
Note 4: The %RH Software option is only available in the 2100-A4 and does not have PLC Retransmission Software. Refer to 2100-A4-HWD Section for more details.
Note 5: Power supply 'H' is field selectable for 'M'; and 'M' for 'H'. Power supply 'L' must be ordered separately.

Terminals and Layout:

2100-A4 terminals and layout