2100-AO - Analogue Output Multiplexer for PLC; and Remote Station:

Product Specifications:

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This station provides economical analogue output expansion for PLC's plus is also designed for use as a Remote Station.

The 8 analogue outputs are factory configurable as 4~20mA, 0~20mA, 0~10Vdc, 2~10Vdc.

PLC Application:

The 2100-AO is driven by the PLC to determine the output channel and the output level. Here are 2 options for connecting between the PLC and 2100-AO.

Option 1: Using one analogue output from the PLC plus 4 on/off outputs.

Option 2: Using 7 on/off outputs from the PLC (no analogue output required).

For further details, please refer to the Installation Guide.

Ordering Information:

2100-AO-X Standard Unit: All Analogue Inputs and Outputs 4~20mA. RS485 Comms, 85~264Vac/dc Power Supply.

2100-AO ordering table
Note 1: The RS232 Comms. version comes complete with a RS232 kit, required for connecting the
2100-AO to a PC, etc. The kit contains: 1 x 5m RS232 cable; (2, 10 & 15m available.) 1 x 9pin D type (25pin D type available).
Note 2: The 2100-AO is factory set to RS232 or RS422/485. The 2100-AO-X is field selectable for RS422 or RS485, and H or M power supply.
Note 3: The Analogue Output and Analogue Input ranges are factory set. They cannot be reconfigured in the field.
Note 4: Power supply 'H' is field selectable for 'M'; and 'M' for 'H'. Power supply 'L' must be ordered separately.

Connections for the 2100-AO

2100-AO connections

Terminals and Layout:2100-AO terminals and layout