2100-D - Digital Input/Output Remote Station:

Product Specifications:

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The 2100-D offers a high degree of flexibility for both the fully isolated Digital Inputs and Relay Outputs, which are configurable by the user friendly MicroScan Software.

Configuration of Digital Inputs include:

(a) On/Off state.
(b) Flow metering. Pulses from flow or power meters etc, are accurately integrated into rate and totaliser values with virtually no loss of accuracy.
(c) Counter function. Pulses are counted up to 16383 and the counter value reset.

Relay Outputs include 10 with change over. Form C contacts, and 2 with normally open Form A contacts. The output state of the contacts are configurable, with all settings retained on power down. The 2100-D includes a communications failure alarm output, and supports communications via modem or radio.

Ordering Information:

2100-D-X Standard Unit: 12 Digital Inputs and 12 Digital Outputs. RS485 Comms, 85~264Vac/dc Power Supply.

2100-D ordering table
Note 1: The RS232 Comms. version comes complete with a RS232 kit, required for connecting the
2100-D to a PC, etc. The kit contains: 1 x 5m RS232 cable; (2, 10 & 15m available.) 1 x 9pin D type (25pin D type available).
Note 2: The 2100-D is factory set to RS232 or RS422/485. The 2100-D-X is field selectable for RS422 or RS485, and H or M power supply.
Note 3: Power supply 'H' is field selectable for 'M'; and 'M' for 'H'. Power supply 'L' must be ordered separately.

Terminals and Layout:

2100-D terminals and layout