2400-IS - Isolating USB/RS232 to RS485/422/232 Converter:

Product Specifications:

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2400-IS - Isolating USB/RS232 to Serial Converter


The 2400-IS is a compact desktop module that isolates and converts USB or RS232 from a computer to RS485, RS422 or RS232 for communication to a field data logging system. It’s driver and receiver meet EIA standards RS-422-A and CCITT recommendations V.11 and X.27; and is designed for multipoint transmission on long bus lines in noisy environments. The module can be powered from the computers USB port, or from an external 5Vdc power adapter (not supplied).


Ordering Information:

2400-IS Isolated USB/RS232 to RS485/RS422/RS232 Converter.
Complete with:
- USB cable (length = 1m).
- RS232 cable (length = 2m) - for PC connection.

Installation Instructions:

Install MicroScan V5 software before inserting the USB cable from the 2400-IS into a USB port on the computer. This will automatically install the correct USB driver which is needed for operating the
2400-IS (Build 5.0.3050.17 or later). Alternatively, download the USB driver file from the link above. Note that the computer USB port the 2400-IS is plugged into must be powered.

Technical Settings:

Please refer to our page on Technical Settings Information for the 2400-IS.