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Product Specifications:

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Tel-Link Radio Modems - Data Logger Wireless Connections


Tel-Link Radio Modems are used for long-range, high speed wireless communications. Powered by FCC and ETSI approved MaxStream radio modules with frequency hopping spread spectrum capability, the Tel-Link Radio Modems operate in the 2.4GHz license-free ISM band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical bands). Up to 15km range can be achieved with a High Gain Antenna (Line of Sight).


Ordering Information:

Model Description
Tel-Link Radio Modem 2.4GHz
TL-485O-24 RS485/422 Outdoor c/w Outdoor 3dBi sleeve di-pole whip Antenna and 2m data cable. Supplied with a stainless steel mounting bracket and U bolts.
Power supply requirements: 12Vdc @ 300mA.
PSW-2-12-H If you require a 12Vdc, 300mA power supply (100~264Vac Input).
Antenna Options (Used when greater distances are involved):
Tel-Link Radio Modem Antennas 2.4GHz
TL-OD24-8 Outdoor 8dBi Omni Directional Monopole Antenna c/w 3m coax cable.
TL-PG24-15 Outdoor 15dBi Directional Parabolic Grid Antenna c/w 3m coax cable.


Outdoor Urban;
With supplied 3dBi Whip - Up to 180m

Outdoor Ideal* Conditions;

With TL-OD24-8 - Up to 5km With TL-PG24-15 - Up to 15km


  • *Ideal Conditions = mounted on 2m pole with line of sight and no surrounding trees and buildings, using supplied coax cable only.
  • Test results show impressive distance results under ideal line of sight conditions. These distances are rapidly reduced when obstructions to 'line of sight' are experienced.
  • Use only Intech TL Antennas with Tel-Link Radio Modems.
  • For outdoor antennas, the supplied coax-seal must be used between exposed connections to protect from moisture corrosion.


Tel-Link Radio Modems can also be used for wireless connection of MicroScan systems.