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SD24 High Accuracy Digital Indicator - Shimaden

The SD24 Indicator is a High Accuracy microprocessor-based indicator. 3 Display Modes, External Control Input, Analog Output and Communication Functions available.


SD16A Low Cost Digital Indicator - Shimaden

The SD16A is a High Accuracy microprocessor-based indicator with large, easy to read display. Multi-Inputs and Multi-Ranges, Inverse Scaling Possible, Dust and splash proof front panel, and a wide range of features available.


KR16A Selector Switch - Shimaden

Thermocouple and voltage inputs are selectable up to 6 points and channels to be used are easily selected with dial switch operation. The installation method is of the push-in panel type with one-touch mount.


IN-P - Multifunction Indicator with relay output options

The IN-P is a multifunctional indicator which not only interfaces smoothly with a wide range of PLC and monitoring systems, but also as a stand alone unit for single and multi input Indication - Alarm - Control.


IN-R - Large Display Tachometer Indicator with relay output options

The IN-R is a technically advanced but cost effective microprocessor-based indicator designed specifically for use in tachometer applications. Options for up to four relay outputs make it ideal for stand-alone control or as a PLC interface. The large 4-digit display ensures that the figures can be easily read from a distance.


IN-RT - Flow Rate Indicator with Totaliser and relay output options

The IN-RT indicator is the ideal solution for a variety of flow rate application requirements.


IN-uP4 - Universal Input Indicator

The IN-uP4 is a universal single input indicator, which makes interface with a wide range of sensors easy.
The IN-uP4 has a 4-digit LED display. An option to add two relay outputs (with two setpoint indicator LED’s) and one 4~20mA analogue output is available.
Setup and calibration is simple, using ‘uP Configure’ software, with step-by-step instructions.


LPI-LCD-6 - Loop Powered Indicator

The LPI-LCD-6 - 4~20mA panel display is ideal for displaying a variety of process variables, and is easy to scale to your required engineering units.


LPI-LCD-5 - Loop Powered Indicator

This compact 5-digit 4~20mA loop powered indicator has effortless front-panel programming and simple, step-by-step calibration procedures.

Discontinued Indicators

Discontinued Indicators

SD30, SD20, SD15, SD10