LPN-OVP (Rev 1) - Overload Protection Unit:

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LPN-OVP (Rev 1)


This over voltage protection unit is characterized by its high level of protection, concentrated in a compact space. The LPN-OVP (Rev 1) is suitable for installing in the narrowest of places, making it ideal for automated process industrial and building service systems.
The circuit design is simple but very effective. Gas discharge tubes provide the first stage protection and can discharge up to 5000A when exposed to a 8x20µs waveform. Transient voltage suppressors provide the second stage protection, and typically operate within 5ns, and can discharge 600W when exposed to a 10x1000µs waveform.
For Maximum protection, an LPN-OVP (Rev 1) should be used at each end of a field cable to protect process control equipment at both ends.

We strongly recommend using the LPN-OVP (Rev 1) with our IN-LLT-C or the Custom built IN-LLT if long runs of cable are involved in the installation; to protect against potential Lightning strike or earth potential rises.
Note that the JUMO 4390 & 4391 have integrated OVP protection in their probe. For best possible protection in Lightning prone areas, we strongly recommend using OVP protection at both ends of the installation. The LPN-OVP (Rev 1) is ideal for this purpose at the termination end of the installation.

Note: A close proximity or direct lightning strike may compromise the OVP protection.

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LPN-OVP (Rev 1) Standard DIN Rail Mount